A Musical Experience for Younger Musicians

We understand that children are not only the future of music but also the future of the world. Following the words of Victor Wooten’s mother: “What does the world need with just another good musician? The world needs more good people!” This camp aims to do just that; use music and nature to help foster better human beings.

Joining Victor will be a core group of innovative instructors chosen specifically for this camp who have each had positive experiences and history working with young students. Our musical instructors specialize in different instruments and various styles of music and aim to give each student many of the necessary tools needed to succeed in almost any musical situation. Our nature instructors will help each student reconnect with their natural abilities by reconnecting with nature. This special combination of musical and natural knowledge can help each student become more confident, competent, and comfortable, not only in music, but in all aspects of their lives.

More Program Info

  • Improved listening in music and in life
  • The various roles of the your instrument in music
  • Rhythm and Melody
  • Soloing and accompanying techniques
  • Theory, Technique, Tuning, Time, and Tone
  • Reading (and the importance of reading) music
  • Ear training beyond just the 12 notes.
  • Productive practice tools
  • Developing beneficial and positive habits
  • The powerful relationship between music and nature
  • And Yes, much, much more!

Each day will include indoor and outdoor activities packed full of interactive learning, fun, food, friendships, and surprises. We aim to help each student become a complete musician and take giant steps toward his/her goals, while renewing their musical appreciation and enjoyment, as well as their appreciation and love of themselves. So, be prepared to work (and play) hard, make new friends, gain valuable knowledge, and experience things in ways you may never have before.