We believe that knowledge is best learned through experience. So, all of our classes are highly interactive. We encourage our students to participate and ask questions, as well as share any information that may help the class.

As well as daily sessions and performances where all participants and staff come together, students will be placed into smaller groups that alternate between indoor and outdoor settings. Each group will rotate between specialized music and nature instructors ensuring a balanced dose of information and experience. Classes are designed to be illuminating and relaxing with plenty of breaks in-between.

Every student has a natural ability, and at Victor Wooten’s Center for Music and Nature, we blend in a unique mix of nature studies to help each student realize and reclaim their “naturalness,” not only in music, but also in life.  Wooten Woods, the outdoor setting where all of Victor’s camp are held, provides the perfect learning environment away from the usual daily distractions and media.

Camp nights often feature live performances and/or discussions. Afterwards, students can choose to sit around the campfire or spend their free time jamming, reflecting, and/or assimilating the day’s activities. (Daily activities average about 3/4 music and 1/4 nature.)


Chef John Schopp
Chef John Schopp

“I don’t eat this well at home” has been spoken by a many of our participants. We take both your health—musically and physically—very seriously; as a result, nutritious cuisine is our standard from breakfast to dinner. With special care to the dietary needs of each student, our award-winning chefs are sure to please!!!



Students will room together in one of our open-floor plan group cabins. Military style cots will be provided, but students must provide their own bedding. All cabins are temperature controlled. Separate accommodations for males and females are provided.

Tents and Hammocks:

There are plenty of grassy areas for those who prefer to bring tents (we like that!) There are also plenty of trees for hammocks (we like that too.) We even have a few “Hammock Huts” available for those who prefer something different. In either case, remember to bring your own bedding and/or sleeping bag.


A large well-appointed bathhouse provides private showers and toiletry needs. Separate sides for men and women afford privacy and comfort. Students must supply their only towels and toiletries. A handicap shower and toilet is also available when needed.

Our Location:

All of our programs are held at Wooten Woods Retreat. Nestled on the bank of the beautiful Duck River, and nearly 150 acres, Wooten Woods provides the perfect getaway location for fostering growth. For more information visit the website:

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