Admission to this program is now CLOSED.

Setting The Bass Camp Standard Since 2000



This special program is based on our inaugural camp in the year 2000, and is specifically designed for electric and acoustic bassists. This program offers exceptional education from some of the world’s most qualified and innovative music and nature instructors and will provide useful and “new” information in a fun and unique way.

Joining Victor will be a core group of innovative instructors who have been teaching together and molding this program for nearly two decades. Our musical instructors are world-renowned and will help ground each student with the necessary tools needed to succeed in almost any musical situation. Our nature instructors will help ground each student and reconnect them with their natural abilities by reconnecting them with nature. This special combination of musical and natural knowledge can help each of us become more comfortable and natural in music and other aspects of our lives.

Each day will be packed full of interactive learning, fun, food, friendships, and surprises. We aim to help each student become a complete musician and take giant steps toward his/her goals, while renewing their musical appreciation and enjoyment, as well as their appreciation and love of themselves. So, be prepared to work (and play) hard, make new friends, gain valuable knowledge, and experience things in ways you may never have before.

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Some of the topics covered:

  • Improved listening and musical awareness
  • The various roles of the bass in music
  • Rhythm
  • Soloing and accompanying techniques
  • Fretboard knowledge
  • Theory, Technique, Tuning, Time, and Tone
  • How to read (and the importance of reading) music
  • Ear training beyond just the 12 notes
  • Double Bass—each student will have the opportunity to spend time on one of the double basses provided
  •  Productive practice tools
  • Developing beneficial and positive habits
    for success
  • The powerful relationship between music and nature
  • And Yes, there’s more – much more!

Berklee College Credit !

If you’re a Bass Player and a current or future student of Berklee College of Music, you may qualify to receive college credit by successfully completing our Bass/Nature Camp.

Steve Bailey (Berklee Bass Chair) and Victor Wooten (Berklee Performance Scholar in Residence) have forged the way for you to receive a Berklee BASS LAB credit for your completion of the camp (which includes submitting a written synopsis of tasks, goals, and achievements of the week.)

For more details, contact Steve Bailey: