Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How and when do I apply for camp?
A: Check the site to find out when the registration period is open by visiting the Camps or Schedule page. We suggest you read through the entire camp website before completing an application. We also recommend that you register early to help assure your spot and to get our “early bird” pricing. (When offered.) Remember, keep checking back to see when the registration period is open.

Q: How much does the camp cost?
A: Tuition varies depending on which camp is being offered. Our
 website details the cost, as well as many other specifics about each camp.

Q: What skill level do I need to be at to attend your camp? Do I need to audition?
A: There are NO specific qualifications or skill levels required. All are encouraged to apply regardless of your musical ability! We DO request that you have a strong desire to learn and improve. There are NO auditions.

Q: Is the camp really as fun as I’ve heard?
A: It’s even more fun than you’ve heard. Past students have tried, but it just can’t be put into words.

Q: I’m a vocalist. Can I attend?  Do you provide vocal instructors?
A: Great! Yes! And Yes! We welcome vocalist and will make sure there are instructors just for you. (We may even put our instrumentalists in vocal classes.)

Q: I play many different instruments. Which one should I bring?
A: We suggest you bring the instrument you are most comfortable playing.

Q: Will there be an instructor to address my specific instrument?
A: Victor will do his best to make sure there is an instructor for you regardless of what instrument you play.

Q: How do you choose who gets accepted to attend your camp?
A: Currently, because of the variety and amount of camps offered, everyone who registers is automatically accepted. That’s pretty much it.

Q: How many students do you accept?
A: The amount each camp can accommodate can be found in the descriptions on the website. A 6-day camp usually consists of around 60 participants. Some camps may only allow around 30. This is to ensure that Victor gets to spend time with each student each day.

Q: Who teaches at the camp? Will Victor be there?
A: Victor teaches at each camp all day and everyday, but other instructors may vary. Victor is always joined by a host of world-class instructors (including his brothers) who are handpicked just for you. Check out the website if you want to learn more about them. There are also many surprise (unannounced) guests who pop in from time to time. We believe that everyone has something to learn and something to teach, so don't be surprised if an instructor comes to YOU for a lesson!!!

Q: What do you teach at camp?
A: Crochet, knitting, origami, banjo jokes, (just kidding). Topics
 vary depending on which camp you attend. We try to cover most of what is needed for each student to have a successful career in Music regardless of the instrument you play (technique, theory, groove, feeling, listening, creativity, and personality). Visit the Camps page for more information. Many, but not all, of the topics we explore are mentioned in the camp descriptions. We like the element of surprise, whether we are the surpriser....or the SURPRISED.

Q: Where is the camp held?
A: All Vix Camps are held at the beautiful Wooten Woods Retreat location in Only, TN (near Nashville). It is nearly 150 acres bordering the Duck River.

Q: When do you have camps and how many do you have each year?
A: Many factors are considered when planning our yearly camp schedule (touring, recording, family, seasons, etc), though typically we are able to offer 7 or more events each year.

Q: Are there any weekend camps scheduled?
A: My crystal ball tells me that you'll have to check the website for that answer.

Q: Do you ever have camps in other states or other countries?
A: Although Victor frequently appears at other camps and teaching facilities around the world, he will only run his unique version of camps at the Wooten Woods location in Only, TN.

Q: Does Victor teach at any other camps?
A: Yes, Victor teaches at the Berklee College of Music as Performance Scholar in Residence and is Co-director of the Victor Wooten/Berklee Summer Bass Program. He also often teaches at Richard Cleveland's Earth School ( in the western part of North Carolina.
 Victor has also appeared as a guest instructor at other camps such as Gerald Veasley's Bass Boot Camp (

Q: Can I be a volunteer for one of your camps?
A: You may inquire about being a volunteer after you have attended one of our camps. We're glad you're interested.

Q: Can I repeat a camp that I've already attended?
A: Yes! You are welcome to return as many times as you want. (Note: Victor has been known to ask return-ies to prepare a lesson to share with the rest of the class.)

Q: Can I register for someone else?
A: Yes, especially if you are the parent or legal guardian of the 
applicant. Camp enrollment also makes a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, or any other reason.

Q: Other than my instrument, what else should I bring to camp?

A: A complete list of “What to Bring” will be supplied in the welcome letter when you register.

Q: Can I record the classes?
A: You may audio record each class, but NO VIDEO TAPING IS ALLOWED.

Q: Can I bring a friend or spouse to camp with me?
A: Students under the age of 18 may be accompanied by a parent or guardian. (A small extra fee for food will be applied.) Friends or family members who are not registered for camp may not attend.

Q: How do I get to Camp?
A: Fly into Nashville International Airport (BNA). We provide free shuttles (for most camps) that will take you to and from camp. *Please, check details to see if shuttles are provided for the camp you’ve selected. If driving, directions will be provided when you register.

Q: Where do I sleep?
A: Cabins are provided on the property for students. There are also many places to set up tents. Hotels are also available if needed. And there is a beautiful Bed and breakfast just up the road.

Q: Are meals provided at camp?
A: Yes, the meals provided are amazing, and we provide meals for most camps that are 5-days or longer. (Check the website for details.) Vegetarian meals are also provided.

Q: Can my whole band or school band attend a camp?
A: Yes. We love it when bands attend together. This way, they can continue the lessons together once they leave. We also offer private camps for schools and teachers alike.

Q: Is there cell phone signal at camp?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi at Camp?
A: No, but there is cell phone signal.

Q: How do I fly with my instrument?
A: Carefully!!! Each airline seems to have their own policies and you will have to abide by their rules. Some suggestions are: Pack your instrument securely and check under the plane, or bring on the plane as “Carry-On” luggage and store overhead. If there is no room in the over-head bins, ask if you can put your instrument in the closet. As a last resort, as you board the plane ask the flight attendant if they will “Gate” check it for you. Good luck.

Q: Is your camp (and instructors) equipped to accept physically challenged students?
A: Yes. Our instructors are prepared for and our facilities are accessible to physically challenged students. A wheelchair accessible bathroom and shower is also available and service dogs are welcomed.