Exploring The Hidden Side of Music

"There is a place us musicians go when we play, but when we think about it, we usually lose the connection. Where and what is this place? To me, this is where it really gets interesting. Spirit of Music is very special to me. It feels wonderful to finally share these ideas and approaches with other people. We’ve only scratched the surface in previous programs. I’m looking forward to taking it further this time.”   Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten has become known for openly sharing the unique ideas and techniques that have made him one of the leading musicians and teachers of our time. But there is a part of his approach he rarely talks about. Spirit of Music is the camp that has allowed Victor to open up and share ideas he has never shared at camps in the past.

 Join Victor and his staff and explore the “hidden” side of Music. Learn new approaches that can allow you to, not only play music, but also use it in new and powerful ways. This class will surely enhance your connection to Music, and it may just blow your mind.

 This camp will consist of musical classes, nature and spiritual exercises, and nightly discussions. There will also be daily meditations designed for a musical purpose.

Note: This is NOT a religious camp and is not intended to change anyone’s religious beliefs.

Some Topics Covered

  • Meditation
  • Imagination, its purpose, and how to use it
  • Using Music for specific purposes
  • Vibrations
  • Tuning your instrument and your body
  • Music as a healing force
  • The use of intention
  • How to affect an audience
  • How to affect a single person in the audience
  • Content from “The Music Lesson” book
  • And more…much more!

Take Advantage of this Special Offer!

Musicians who are accepted for Spirit of Music have first priority (and will be accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis) when registering for Theory Weekend.

Students also receive a $100 Discount if you Register for both Programs!

Attending these two consecutive programs will make for a broader experience. To take advantage of this exciting opportunity and claim your spaces in these different but equally remarkable programs. Registration opening soon!