April 11-15 (Wed-Sun) 2018

* * * WORK during the day – JAM at night * * *

Join fellow friends and Vix Camps alumni as we prepare Wooten Woods for the upcoming camp season. Bring your skills and enthusiasm as we build, paint, clear, mow, decorate, and do what’s needed to ready the property for the year’s festivities.

Every month from April through October, students and instructors will come from around the world to produce and experience the life-changing magic Vix Camps has become known for. Having set the precedent back in the year 2000, these camps have positively impacted the lives of thousands. You can help us continue by joining us as we prepare for our 19th season.



Send email to wootenwoods@aol.com

Please let us know if you’ve previously attended any of our camps and which one(s). Also list arrival and departure dates as well as any building skills you have. 

Camps for All Instruments and All Levels.
Our Camps are not only for bass players.

Tell your friends to register now at www.vixcamps.com.

Thank you!